Custody Agreement Letter Sample

When it comes to custody agreements, many parents are unsure where to start. Crafting a custody agreement letter can be a helpful way to create a clear and legally binding document that outlines custody arrangements. In this article, we will review some important considerations when creating a custody agreement letter, as well as provide a sample template to help guide your writing.

First, it is important to understand the basic elements of a custody agreement letter. This document should clearly outline the arrangements for child custody, including physical custody (where the child will live) and legal custody (who will make important decisions for the child). It should also include a visitation schedule, as well as any financial obligations such as child support payments.

Some key considerations when creating a custody agreement letter include:

1. Seeking legal advice: While it is possible to create a custody agreement letter without the help of a lawyer, it is always advisable to seek legal advice to ensure that your agreement is legally sound and enforceable.

2. Being thorough: Make sure your agreement covers all necessary details, including holidays, special occasions, and any other important events that could impact custody arrangements.

3. Considering the child`s best interests: The primary goal of any custody agreement should be to ensure the child`s well-being and safety. Make sure your agreement reflects this priority.

Now that we`ve covered some important considerations, let`s take a look at a custody agreement letter template:

[Your Name and Address] [Date] [Other Parent`s Name and Address]

Dear [Other Parent`s Name],

I am writing to propose an agreement for the custody and visitation of our child, [Child`s Name], born on [Child`s Date of Birth].

[Custody Arrangements]

I propose that [Child`s Name] shall reside with me at [Address] and spend [specify days/hours] with you at [Address] on the following schedule:

[Insert visitation schedule here. Include days, times, locations, and any other relevant details. If parents live far apart, consider outlining a plan for transportation.] [Legal Custody]

I propose that [Both/You/Me] shall have legal custody of [Child`s Name]. Any major decisions affecting the child`s education, health, or welfare shall be made jointly by [Both/You/Me].

[Child Support]

I propose that [You/Me] shall be responsible for paying child support in the amount of [$ amount] per month. Payments shall begin on [date] and continue until [Child`s Name] reaches the age of 18, graduates high school, or becomes self-supporting.

[Special Provisions] [Include any special provisions such as who will carry health insurance, how to handle disputes, etc.] [Signatures]

If you agree to the terms presented in this letter, please sign and date the enclosed copy and return it to me.


[Your Signature] [Your Name] [Other Parent`s Signature] [Other Parent`s Name]

By following these guidelines and using the provided template, you can create a clear and legally binding custody agreement letter that prioritizes the best interests of your child. Remember, it is always a good idea to seek legal advice to ensure that your agreement meets all legal requirements in your jurisdiction.

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